Don’t waste any single opportunity to tour the Sher Khans House

You ever heard the name “Sher Khan” which is the name of a most famous jungle character in the most popular child tale series “The Jungle Book” of 80’s and 90’s. Well, the story of the tale was a real incident, and the jungle that was shown in the series is in- real located at the corners of the two little districts of the Indian heart like state Madhya Pradesh. The forest is nowadays well known by the name of Pench National Park which is a must visit national wild animal park and got the name Pench from the river Pench which flows from between the park from south to the north direction and divides the forest into two equal halves.

These days the Pench wild animal national park becomes the major tourist attraction due to its beauty, well managed tiger reserve, highest population of tigers and their species and based on these attractions this wild animal park calls the wildlife lovers and tourists from all over the world and gives them an opportunity to tour and explore the amazing and the heart healing beauty and views of the house of Sher Khan along with some other interesting attractions such as:

At the tour of Pench national park, you will be enabled to see the bunches of numerous beautiful birds, as this forest is not merely the house of wild tigers in fact, it is also the home of more over 285 birds.

This place is the only single destination in the entire state which protects the several species of birds and animals.

Alongside the elephant and jeep safari, the Pench national park allows the visitors to enjoy an entire jungle tour through a boat ride in the Pench river. Which also offers the visitors to explore the wonderful beauty of the several nearby islands.

Besides the heavy volume population of the tigers, the wild national park has also a power to attract the tourist’s attention from the existence huge count of the exclusive leopards.

Apart from the animals, tigers, and river sighting, this place will also allows you to experience and enjoy a peaceful stay in the tree lodges which are well developed in between the central location at the tree height of the forest from where the visitors can easily explore and capture the whole view of the forest location.

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Don’t waste any single opportunity to tour the Sher Khans House

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