Except Tiger Safari These are also the Must do Things at Pench

The traveling destinations like wildlife trecking and adventure are always have been on the topmost position in the list of every individual for most exciting and favorite traveling destinations. Also, such places have an attraction power to attract humans to must visit here for once in a lifetime. From the list of such amazing wildlife adventure destinations, the Pench National Park which nowadays is also going to be popular as a name of Priyadarshani Wild National Park located at the border range of the two districts Seoni and Chindwara of the central Indian state Madhya Pradesh are calling the global visitors heartly. As this place has the highest population of the tigers and the biggest tiger reserve across the Asian Indian region, hence every year millions of tourists are visiting here to explore the marvelous beauty of nature, but beyond the natures beauty and animals sighting, the visitors can also explore these 5 things in the Pench.

  1. Runi Jhuni Walking Trail:

Inside the Pench National Park, there is a walking trail of about 4 KK’s called Runi Jhuni Walking Trail which is started from the Karmajhiri gate gives an amazing walking experience to the tourists in between the arms of nature. A walking trail makes humans more close to nature and its some beautiful and weird creations.

  1. Rukhad Cycling Excursion:

The cycling excursion from Rukhad, which is located at the buffer zone of the Pench Wild National Park delivers a wonderful experience of jungle sighting and wildlife spotting. Well, Rukhad is a historic place and the most popular destination for wild animal sighting. This allows the visitors to enjoy a polution free cycle ride of about 45 minutes which starts from the Pench tree lodge and end at the Sakata Forest rest house.

  1. Tribal Haat Market:

A weekly haat bazaar which is basically organized by the tribal people and the villagers who are living at the nearest location of the Pench National Park. In this haat market, global visitors will get an opportunity to know more about our cultural and traditional art and craft from its close.

  1. Night Trail:

The Pench National Park offers an exciting experience to the travelers with its night trail, in which the individuals will be able to discover the jungle in the night time where they get a chance to see some amazing night animals like civets, owls, wild cats, and more.

  1. Street Food

Being a foodie is the inside nature or the hidden fact of the wildlife tourists and nature lovers, hence the tree lodge at the famous Pench National Park offers the visitors to taste the sweet and spicy yummy street food including Desi Potato Veg, Dobri Mahua Kheer (Made with the combination of Mahua flower and Rice), etc.

So plan a holiday to Pench, book your tickets, pack your bags and reach the wildlife adventure to book a luxurious and well-furnished resort or hotel say at the Pench National Park.

Except Tiger Safari These are also the Must do Things at Pench

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