Must do things around Bandhavgarh and Bandhavgarh National Park

Near the Umaria district, in the heart of India in Madhya Pradesh, the most amazing animal park is located, which is called as Bandhavgarh National Park and is well popular to spot Royal Bengal Tigers. As this is the one alone place in the Indian region, where we will find the highest population of tigers, leopards and several species of deer. Alongside the wildlife, this place is also famous for its royal heritage and proud historic past. As per Hindu mythology, this place has a big relation to the time period of Ramayana. It has been said that Lord Rama had given the here a fort to this lovable brother Laxmana to keep watch on Lanka, and due to which this place got its name as Bandhavgarh, which means “Brother’s Estate”.

Whenever you plan to visit Rewa or its nearby, you must have to visit Bandhavgarh. For your convenience, here we are going to suggest you the must to do things in Bandhavgarh.

Jeep Safari at Bandhavgarh National park:

This national animal park in the Indian Territory is spread in a very large area. To explore the whole surround and to see the wild animals and beautiful birds in the different mode from the close, you must have to go for a Jeep Safari. It will take at least 3 to 4 hours to explore the entire jungle region.

Tiger Sighting at Chakradhar:

Chakradhar is the place in Bandhavgarh National Park where you can see the tigers while hunting and playing together. This place is known for its high density of tigers and their various species.

Fort Trecking:

Don’t miss to go for a trekking tour to Bandhavgarh Fort. This trekking tour takes 1 hour of time to reach the Bandhavgarh Fort, as it starts from the Tala Zone of Bandhavgarh National park. This fort is situated in the hill area at the middle of the park. The most wondering thing about this fort is, Bandhavgarh National Fort is counted as one of the oldest forts in the country. The beauty of the place will exhilarate your souls and is also an alluring place for photography.

Where to stay at Bandhavgarh trip?

Well, this is the most curious question that strokes every visitor and tourist, but we have the solution. We provide online resort or hotel booking facility at the Bandhavgarh Wildlife Park. We will reserve a luxury accommodation for you in between the city from where, also you can easily go to explore the other surrounding places of the place like Bandhavgarh Market, Tala Village, Bamera Dam, Jwalamukhi Temple (the famous attraction of Bandhavgarh), and so on.

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Must do things around Bandhavgarh and Bandhavgarh National Park

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