Pack your bags and get ready for a face 2 face meet with White Bengal Tigers

Every adventure and wildlife lover are always dreaming to enjoy a front face meeting with the Royal White Bengal Tigers but due to the shortage in the population of tigers and their species, they are not found easily at any jungle kinda place. So the Indian territory has taken over the responsibility of the taking care and the reservation of the tigers. Consequently, an Indian wild animal park becomes the only place on the planet where we can get the highest population of tigers and their several species. This place is located near the Rewa district in the central Indian state Madhya Pradesh and is well famous as a name of Bandhavgarh National park. Alongside this, Bandhavgarh is also called as a brother’s place, because of its connection with the epic period of Ramayana.

At this national park, you can easily do a face-off with Royal Bengal Tigers along with enjoying a memorable adventure trip to the jungle of Bandhavgarh, which was earlier the most favorite place of the kings of this place for the animal hunting. You can explore every corner of the park, with a jeep safari. While you are going for a tour to Bandhavgarh National Park, don’t forget to take a high quality camera with you, because at this place you can get an alluring view of earth’s nature including, hills, mountains, beautiful birds and flowers, attractive scenery which you want to capture to make your Bandhavgarh tour memories more liveable for lifelong.

Expect Royal white Bengal Tigers and the amazing jungle safari, this place also allows a trekking tour to the Bandhavgarh fort. As per Indian periodic stories, once this fort was gifted to Laxman from his elder brother Shri Ram to keep eye on the Lanka, and that’s the main reason due to which this place is known as Bandhavgarh “the brother’s place.”

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Pack your bags and get ready for a face 2 face meet with White Bengal Tigers

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